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Yes!  Bridal showers, baby showers, anniversary parties, and birthday parties for any age!

Please call us; we'd love to help you plan and schedule your celebration!

How big is the party? 
Minimum number of painters is six.  While we can accomodate more, your guests will have a more enjoyable experience if the party is 15 or fewer people.  If this is a child's party, we ask that you please limit the number of parents who remain at the party to 4 or 5.  There's plenty of shopping and eateries within walking distance!

What about refreshments?
We welcome you to bring whatever you'd like for your guests to eat or drink.  We suggest you begin your event with painting; when everyone has finished their masterpieces, we'll clear the space so you can enjoy your refreshments.


Bogue's Alley, located just next door, is available for finger foods and cookies! 860-599-5885

Having pizza delivered?
The Pizza Lady (860-599-1113) offers a discount on orders delivered to Get Fired Up--just be sure to mention it when you place your order with them.  

How long does the party last?
Parties are generally one to two hours long, but the time will depend on the age of the painters as well as on whether you will be serving refreshments, opening gifts, etc., at the studio.  Younger children (8 years old and under) will finish painting in about 30 minutes, so an hour and a half is sufficient for painting, refreshments, and presents.  If the party is for older children or adults, plan on the party lasting about two hours.  

How much does it cost?
Parties booked in advance receive $2 off per person (**applies to items $16 or more)! We leave it up to you to decide what the guests will paint.  Bisque pieces range in price from $2 to $60; children's favorites usually fall in the $8 to $16 range.  Let us know if you want to place a price cap on the choices, and we'll be happy to point guests in the right direction. Invitations available for $0.25 each including envelopes.

Celebration plate!
As our gift to your guest of honor, we'll paint a celebration plate to be signed by everyone at the party.  Guests too young to sign their names?  We'll help them put their thumbprints on the plate instead!  We'll paint the plate in the guest of honor's favorite colors and motif.

What about private parties?
We're happy to open our doors for a private party anytime outside our regular business hours.    Want to invite a large number of guests?  Or have your party later than our usual closing time?  Perhaps you'd just like to have the entire studio reserved for you and your guests?  Please call us to discuss the details of the private party you would like to have!

call anytime for info or to schedule a party! 



Celebration Plate
With just a little information about the guest of honor, we will create a fun plate for signatures!



Get Fired Up
7 W. Broad Street
Pawcatuck, CT 06379

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